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Yellow River Granite

Huanghe stone, produced in ningxia yinchuan city and zhongwei county area of the Yellow River system.The Yellow River in ningxia has 390 kilometers, flowing through the plain area of gentle water, forming a lot of pebble beach, stone resources are very rich.Huanghe stone stone fine and hard, mostly round shape, a few odd stones;Colorful, with colorful is not enough to summarize, mostly show red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple combination changes;Tonal primitive and simple deep, decorative pattern is beautiful, composition is bold and unrestrained, artistic conception is vigorous, rich strength and haggard.
Most of the huanghe stones in ningxia are quartz sandstone, quartz siltstone, granite and conglomerate, with shallow metamorphic quartzite and sedimentary rocks, formed by long-term erosion, denudation, washing and staining of chemical elements by running water, and the quartzite is mainly stained by iron.Due to the density of the original rocks and the time of jet washing and grinding, huanghe stone can be divided into the categories of pattern stone, molding stone and color stone, especially the pattern stone as the main representative.

Pattern of the Yellow River stone stone is exquisite, mostly quartz sandstone, also have a small amount of magmatic rocks, metamorphic rocks, limestone, some containing coloring in the diagenetic minerals or made up of colour difference is bigger layer lines, some of the siliceous rocks and limestones of weaving quartz or calcite vein, also have a plenty of dyeing material along the original rock cracks or loose parts long-term impregnation and become, after jet wash washing erosion, without burnish is bright colours, texture clear, the picture by parallel, circle, geometry, texture and a small amount of special mineral patches, such as curve of pastoral scenery, qifeng, spring autumn show wood,, or beautiful elegance, or bold grandeur;Shape stone, shape such as giant melon, fish, stone pillow, silver plate, giant egg, etc., mostly abstract shape, animal shape is less, especially with a knot stone is the most characteristic, in the black green stone body has different size of light green convex, unique style, humorous;Color stone to jasper, quartz in the majority, jasper is red, but also yellow, black, etc., especially bright red, red for the best, quartz stone is mostly yellow or red and yellow and white, warm color, simple shape and meaning, clean and transparent like frozen stone;Another Yellow River ink stone is black, firm run quiet, more round shape, simple and durable, stable and quiet beauty, the lower reaches of the ningxia plain have been found.Huang he stone can stand in the court hall, small can be placed in a few cases, with a high appreciation value.

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