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Bathroom Vanity Tops

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Bathroom Vanity Tops

As a result of the idea be fond of of home owner different, and add the diversity of the variety of the design and color variety of stone material and grain changeful, wei yu stone material is in the use of color qualitative material very much various, included marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, SLATE, quartz stone to wait a moment.What defend bath stone material to basically use normally nevertheless is marble and granite.(the use of granite is now declining because of concerns about its radioactivity.)

Now, people likes to use plain color commonly or pure color or it is the ground that the stone material with simple grain will decorate wei yu and metope, the mesa that decorates lavatory with the marble with rich grain, such ability made the same impression to wei yu added a few minutes decorous atmosphere.
Marble is also called metamorphic or recrystallized limestone.True marble is a calcite metamorphic rock with a crystalline structure.Marble is mostly limestone derived from geological changes, its main components are calcite and calcium carbonate, mohs hardness value of about 4.5.So its drawback is softer, acerbity is alkalescent, fight decency sex to be poorer, absorb the liquid such as oil, water and be polluted easily, scrape easily, not wear-resisting, and almost all contain acid alkali to clean jing and besmear to be able to produce harm to marble, stay time is a bit longer, make marble is damaged and lose burnish.
The marble that USES in wei yu so ought to choose material to pledge harder, density bigger, avoid to use material to pledge as far as possible the marble with soft, bibulous tall rate.The marble that defend bath had better choose polishing face to process, and want to do protective processing first before use, can protect stone material better so, easy also clean, and the shop of marble is stuck suit to use the shop of perpendicular face to stick.Light colored stone is more resistant to mild soap water pollution than dark stone, so it is recommended not to use green serpentine and black marble in bathrooms and bathrooms, so that the possibility of stone surface contamination is relatively small.

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Marble Vanity top

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