Beige Marble Background

Beige Marble Background:High-grade places to decorate the first selection of materials are natural stone.

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Beige Marble Background

Natural marble is high-grade and beautiful adornment material all the time, but the product that regards nature as inevitably exists all sorts of blemish, be like: chromatic aberration is big, blemish is much, easy ooze pollution, hard do, price is high, supply cycle is long wait for a problem.In order to solve these problems, and to bring consumers a kind of "marble realistic effect, superior performance of ceramic tile" products, in 2009, the marble tile this category officially launched the market.Since then, marble tile with natural marble realistic texture, its decorative effect compared to natural marble can be said to be too much.And in waterproof rate, flatness, flexural strength and other practical performance performance is also extraordinary.Accordingly, superior performance makes marble ceramic tile got the apprehension of broad consumer, become a black horse of ceramic tile market with the development speed of fast thunder.

With the improvement of people's living standard and the further deepening of the understanding of health, the price is no longer the decisive factor for consumers to choose decorative materials.People should think more about their own safety while protecting the environment.Especially in recent years, the marble tile research and development technology innovation, the natural stone texture alive in the brick surface and better than the natural stone, and greatly improve the product performance, high cost performance also meet the needs of consumers of all levels of decoration.
Benefited from the distinct adornment effect of natural marble and ceramic tile is superior performance, and to adapt to this social science development trends, marble tile not only liked by more and more household consumers, an increasing number of residential and commercial real estate projects, municipal engineering and international top hotels are also beginning to large area USES marble tiles.According to the statistics of the national bureau of statistics, the total annual output of natural stone is 320 million square meters, with a total output value of 260 billion yuan.The annual total output of architectural ceramics is 9 billion square meters, with a total output value of 400 billion. It can be seen that the market value of natural stone materials as high-grade decorative materials cannot be ignored.Nowadays, marble ceramic tile already developed to become ceramic tile domain new mainstream step by step, be infusing as exuberant vitality ground and more and more expand.

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