Beige Marble Seamless

Beige Marble Seamless:The breed of cream-colored marble breed is very very much, include golden beautiful cream-colored, gold line cream-colored, silver line cream-colored, golden dragon cream-colored, old cream-colored, new cream-colored, Spanish cream-colored, Egyptian cream-colored, sandstone cream-colored, sha ana cream-colored, red line cream-colored, new ya cream-colored, royal cream-colored etc.

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Beige Marble Seamless

Cream-colored marble in our interior decoration application is very broad, and its types are many, there are many kinds of color it unique texture makes it popular, believe a lot of friends when decorate building materials market to choose marble has seen, but maybe we don't know what's the difference between a cream-colored marble and other, today small make up take you take a look at cream-colored what are the characteristics of marble.

What are the characteristics of beige marble:

(1). Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock changed from limestone, whose main ingredients are calcite (calcium carbonate), dolomite (magnesium carbonate) and other minerals, often with bedding, grain, color to show its texture.
(2) marble texture changes unpredictable, color Yin and Yang uncertain, purely natural stone phenomenon.
(3) marble surface is often full of cracks, pinholes, quartz lines and other natural phenomena of marble, cutting is often unavoidable.
(4) the marble material is soft, the mo hardness is within 3~4 degrees, the abrasion resistance is slightly poor, the surface avoid being scratched by hard objects.
(5) the present production technology, marble slab warping is inevitable (generally its warping degree is ±1mm).
(6) if there is any damage or missing Angle in the process of marble application, the current stone repair technology is generally adopted to remedy the damage, and the stone is not replaced, so as not to damage the aesthetic feeling of the overall stone texture.
(7). The products are usually processed with the right pattern;If the specifications are applied, the direction is not the right pattern of application.
(8). Marble samples or drawings are only for color selection reference (cannot be guaranteed to be completely consistent with the actual products, mainly the actual products ordered).
(9) marble for a hundred years of building materials as well as fire building materials, is a noble indoor building materials;Avoid the sun and rain outside.
(10) marble is suitable for use on the wall of hall, indoor floor, bathroom wall, mesa and desktop.

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