Beige Marble Tile Texture

With marble grain + warm color metal to sublimate space style, perdo has become the popular trend of decorative design.

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Beige Marble Tile Texture

Nowadays, with marble grain + warm color metal to sublimate space style, perdo became the popular trend of adornment design.When temperament is threatening marble grain, produce collision with the metal that carries burnish with full load, can produce strong visual appeal.
Metal by virtue of its own noble color and unusual temperament, is a lot of household favorite.Do not need large area to apply when the design, should choose only small put there, can add sense of story for the space.And advanced feeling is in time still a feeling holds concurrently the gray department marble ceramic tile that hold concurrently can be called the choker that the home installs, no matter be current what kind of fashion, can obtain the favour of stylist from start to finish.
Jian yi marble ceramic tile Lhasa is white with Greek ash, depth is tie-in, echo each other with metallic desk stool, chair stool again, style becomes a school oneself, light and luxurious and elegant environment can foil the glamour that gives a space more it seems that.The warm metal elements balance the cold feeling brought by the large area of gray, making the flowing texture on the ceramic tile more delicate and warm, adding the advanced sense of space quietly.The white that undercurrent surges is marble ceramic tile and longitudinal metal line support the simple sense of the space jointly.It is metal likewise, match with different marble, can explain different amorous feelings however.
Modern teahouse decorated with red and blue stone, Chinese style elements and modern sofa fusion, metal material of the tea table foot lit up the texture of the whole space.
In traditional Chinese culture, "wood" is always close to people.This kind of lumber "natural" material, taking nature unrestrained, since all the time it is the element with indispensable home outfit application.
The yearning for nature makes people prefer the intimacy brought by natural materials.The marble grain that originates from nature collides with log photograph, the unique simple sense that injects inborn for the space.

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