Cream Beige Marble

Cream Beige Marble:Various specifications.The quality is firm, the pressure wear-resisting, can moistureproof, some after glazing processing, has the decoration function.Used mostly on the ground and floor of public and civil buildings.

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Cream Beige Marble

Marble has become nowadays the most popular interior design material, its quality of a material is lukewarm run, decorative pattern is rich, natural and beautiful, the elegance that builds and costly style are other material place cannot be comparable to.
In the designer's eye, beige blends well with many shades.If and warm color intersect, it presents a warm and harmonious sunflower rural household breath;If embrace with cool color photograph, be like the maiden of beautiful shadow of first dew after thin gauze curtain mysterious and inconstant.Its noble and elegant, gorgeous color and dirt resistant characteristics, really popular.
According to the relevant industry insiders said, "beige natural stone, mild color, people feel warm and forget the feeling of stone cold, both in line with the popular and durable look.So beige natural stones have always been popular."According to statistics, the best-selling beige stone varieties in the market are sofitel gold, golden spider, cream rose, etc."

Marble according to its polished surface basic color, can be divided into white, yellow, green, gray, red, coffee, black seven series.Each series according to its polished surface color and pattern characteristics can be divided into a number of sub-categories, such as: white marble, rosin yellow, dandong green, hangzhou gray.Marble patterns, crystal particle size of the thickness of the ever-changing, there are landscape type, cloud type, pattern type (thread, willow leaves, text, paleontology, etc.), snowflake type.Modern architecture is colorful and constantly changing, therefore, the decorative marble also requires more varieties, more colors, can be used for different parts of the building.General requirements for monochrome marble color uniformity;Colorful marble requirements pattern, depth gradually transition;Pattern type marble requires clear patterns, bright colors and patterns with strong regularity.Anyhow, design and color is beautiful, convenient for large area splicing decoration, can supply with design and color batch is good.

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