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Crema marfil, high-grade building decoration preferred stone.

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Crema Marfil Marble

Spanish cream-colored with calcium carbonate as the main body, but more silicon, magnesium components, color along the crystal gap penetration, lingering crisscross, become a piece of nature's art.

Crema marfil.The main component is calcium carbonate, its content is about 50%-75%, weak alkaline.Some marbles contain a certain amount of silica and some do not.Fine particles (refers to calcium carbonate), surface stripe distribution is generally irregular, low hardness.

The composition of Spanish cream-colored marble and its structural characteristics make it have the following performance:

(1) good decorative performance, Spanish cream-colored marble does not contain radiation and bright color, rich color, is widely used in interior wall, ground decoration.Excellent processing performance: saw, cutting, polishing, drilling, carving and so on.

(2)Crema marfil marble wear resistance is good, not easy to aging, its service life is generally in 50-80 years or so.

(3) in industry, Crema marfil  marble is widely used.Such as: for raw materials, purification agents, metallurgical solvents.

(4) Crema marfil marble has the characteristics of non-conductive, non-magnetic, field potential stability.


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