Desert Beige Marble

Desert Beige Marbleļ¼šVarious specifications.The quality is firm, the pressure wear-resisting, can moistureproof, some after glazing processing, has the decoration function.Used mostly on the ground and floor of public and civil buildings.

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Desert Beige Marble

The marble home that sells on the market has the cent of natural marble and scagliola, and natural marble has the cent of high grade marble and inferior marble again, choose marble furniture to want to know among them difference above all.
Each natural marble has unique natural design and color, high quality marble furniture can choose the raw material of stone material of whole, undertake the makings that different place matches.Main place can have the natural grain of large area, and leftover material can be used in the place such as chair back, stigma to do ornament.And inferior furniture chooses leftover material when preparing material, the surface lacks change.
The marble that USES on furniture has entrance commonly red dragon jade, red ice jade, amber jade, rosin is yellow, green jade, violet jade, crystal pearl stone, kylin jade, crane top is red, amethyst, white crystal wait for breed, among them a few kinds need to dye, and green jade, violet jade and red dragon
Natural marble
Natural marble
Stone is natural.A few inferior products can catch the white marble of low grade green counterfeit green jade, and the color of these products shows unnatural emerald green mostly.
Artificial marble is divided into: cement type artificial marble, resin type artificial marble, sintered artificial marble, sticker, stick stone marble.Before 3 kinds are to use natural marble or the broken stone of granite is filling makings, with cement, gesso and not full close polyester resin is to stick agent, via agitate model, grind and after polishing make.Sticker, stick stone marble is to use inferior marble to make a bottom, surface sticker or stick stone.Scagliola transparency is bad, and do not have burnish, chemical synthetic thing, part is harmful to human body, hardness is small, be afraid of delimit, be afraid of very hot, be afraid of chromatic.

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