Italian Marble Dyna Beige

Italian Marble Dyna Beige:Various specifications.The quality is firm, the pressure wear-resisting, can moistureproof, some after glazing processing, has the decoration function.Used mostly on the ground and floor of public and civil buildings.

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Italian Marble Dyna Beige

Mention Italy, people will think of the history of the Roman empire.But Italy not only has rich historical background, but also has extremely rich stone resources, known as the "stone kingdom".Tracing the history of Italy, whether it is the ancient Roman coliseum or other Roman buildings, or the carved monuments of the Renaissance, there are numerous links with the stone culture.

Why is Italy called the kingdom of stone?Read on to find out!
First of all, Italy stone resources are very rich, the production of mines scattered.In particular, the west coast centered on carrara and the eastern section of the Alps centered on verona are the most famous.The former main production of white and white quality marble;The latter produces dark green, red and beige marble.One of the karala area marble mining began in the austro-hungarian period, more than 100 years ago, the famous kalala white marble produced here.

The main marble deposits in Italy are:
1. Volga marble deposit.Located on the lombardi slope in front of the Alps near the Po river plain, the marble is pale beige, with deep texture and easy to process.
2. Tuscan marble deposits.The distribution range is 6000KM2, mainly producing white and green marble, white marble like sugar, marble like brecciform marble suitable for carving and with patterns.
3. Gusfer and la plano marbles.Formed by chemical deposition in lake environment, the ore layer is up to 50~60 meters thick, which is milky white, beige yellow, with light red and rich yellow roots.
Stunney and the Windsor deposit.Located near the Adriatic Sea, the marble is yellow and gray with reddish and white silver stripes.
5. Lane marble deposit.Located in the hot la baba region, the marble is pale yellow and has a rich flower-like texture.

Italian people bring the advantages of natural resources and human resources as well as the technological advantages of stone mining, processing and application to the extreme. Italian natural stone products have become a popular product known to all and become the "stone kingdom" of the world.

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