Marble Beige Color

Marble Beige Color:Marble according to its polished surface basic color, can be divided into white, yellow, green, gray, red, coffee, black seven series.

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Marble Beige Color

How does cream-colored marble undertake choose and buy?

1, goods compare 3: when marble of rice yellow of choose and buy, do not look at the product of one only, see 3 enough, these 3 same rice yellow marble decorative pattern are taken out also can be different, must unexpectedly marble is very natural thing, impossibly each block is same, choose the rice yellow marble that admire oneself as far as possible.
2, see the big board: after seeing the sample must go to see the big board, the big board is put on the SLATE in the open space, because often give you a look at the sample is they cut down the good pattern, the actual pattern in your hand will not be the same.The amount that USES is not much can see, also can not see, because use little, for example set basin, square, among them a hole is dug, also did not have remaining how many mesa, so the problem is not too big.But if cream-colored marble house is bigger, use a lot of local lidan, or want to spell pattern, it must have a look, the reason is that big board, a group of to, also can cut down the mountain, the pattern will be similar, spell out after the decorative pattern of rules will be very fit, and little off color, decorate the effect after natural will be very good.
3, select the appropriate suppliers: don't make the stone material of suppliers, because the stone supplier said although the breed is very much, because the company style, most of the time he packs a sit mountain quarrying, so pattern alone, if take a fancy to a pattern, the price is relatively high, the more likely because of a little can not get good service, so or strengths, to choose larger stone material supplier.

A brief introduction to marble and beige color products:


Above all individual feels the ceramic tile that the sitting room USES light color is the most appropriate do not pass.Because the ceramic tile of light color and the furniture of light color match, can make the daylighting of the sitting room so more bright.You can be in the ceramic tile that the sitting room is cream-colored or it is the ceramic tile that takes decorative pattern, such and decorate a style and furniture tie-in effect can be a bit better.

Simple picture of marble beige color products:


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