Paradise Beige Marble Tile

Paradise Beige Marble Tile:For beige stone, I believe we all like it very much.

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Paradise Beige Marble Tile

In the construction industry, different stones are always used.And normally, consumer people are to compare preference to the stone material of cream-colored.So, does everybody know which a few cream-colored stone materials are having on market?Below, let small make up to give you a good introduction of different kinds of beige stone, let you in the choice, can have more of a choice.

The cream-colored marble of heaven takes calcium carbonate as the main body, but has a lot of silicon and magnesium components, the color penetrates along the crystal space, tangling crisscrosses, becomes a work of art of nature.Base color beige, a few fine red lines, good luminosity.There are many varieties. Spanish beige is divided into four types: COTO conventional beige, ZAFRA red beige, SP lightning beige and ZIVAS watermark beige.There are rice grain type, white flower type and other types, the background color from light white to dark black, all have a variety of color lines and red lines, among which white background, white grain is the best.

The white sand beige marble shows the light gray pattern, the luminosity difference, may glue to repair, suits to use in the hotel, the guesthouse, also may use in the processing Mosaic or the special-shaped product, at present mainly applies in the indoor and outdoor decoration, the component, the lavabo, the carving and so on place.

Oman cream-colored marble is given preference to basically with cream-colored, grain has big flower and small decorative pattern two kinds, big flower basically is with twill shape, floret is small circle shape, be like conch cut flower.It can be made into the decorative panel of advanced decoration engineering, which is used for the interior wall, ground, balustrade, ground, windowsill board, service desk, elevator door face of public building engineering such as hotel, exhibition hall, cinema, shopping mall, library, airport, station, etc. It is the ideal interior advanced decoration material.In addition, it can also be used to make murals, handicrafts, daily necessities, etc.

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