Seamless Beige Marble Texture

Seamless Beige Marble Texture

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Seamless Beige Marble Texture

Marble is to decorate now with more extensive product of a kind of building stone material, want to know this kind of it also is to belong to natural product, so it is having very good-looking exterior and colour and lustre, all the time since suffer consumer like.Below small make up will introduce kind of cream-colored marble and how to distinguish marble is true.

How do you tell if marble is real
1, the concept of
Namely the naked eye observes the marble surface structure.Say commonly, the stone material that resembles structure of a few even fine makings for instance it has exquisite simple sense, this kind of product also belongs to fine article;Be like the stone material of a few coarse grain and unequal grain structure this kind belongs to quality slightly inferior product namely.
2, the amount
The dimension specification that measures marble namely.Want to know specification is bad also can affect joining together, and the design that can cause joining together hind possibly still, decorative pattern, line is out of shape, can affect adornment effect finally namely.

3, listen to the
That is to hear the marble percussion sound.Generally speaking, for example the quality of stone material is good, so its internal density is even won't have apparent micro crack, at the same time knock sound to listen to slow clear and crisp euphonious;On the contrary, if there are micro cracks or veinlets inside, and the tapping sound is rough, this is a worse product.
4, try
Use simple test method to check marble quality.Usually you can drop a small drop of ink on the back of the stone, if you find the ink quickly four disposal leaching, so you can explain the quality of this stone is not good;On the contrary, if ink droplets in situ do not move, it shows that stone density, quality is better.

A simple introduction to seamless beige marble textured products:


Simple picture of seamless beige marble textured product:


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