Turkish Beige

Turkish beige is a type of marble produced in Turkey.

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Turkish Beige Marble

Turkish beige is a type of marble produced in Turkey.Volume density: 2.73g /cm3, water absorption rate: 0.25%, compressive strength: 132.8mpa, flexural strength: 11.5mpa, mohs hardness: 4.6, gloss: 89.2.Suitable for: indoor wall, table panel, outdoor wall, outdoor ground.


The expert suggests, the Turkey of the Middle East, Egypt also continues to discover a few flaxen series marble, and yield is big, price is low.Architects can also be used as a candidate variety, so as not to meet the demand and delay the construction period.


Select the grade: according to the specification and size allowed deviation, planeness and Angle allowed tolerance, as well as appearance quality, surface finish and other indicators, marble plate is divided into three grades of superior, first-class and qualified products;Marble plate grading,identification is mainly through the detection of instruments, measuring tools to identify.


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