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Black Marble Floor

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Black Marble Floor

What about the black marble print?
1. No matter what color the marble is, it should be regularly wiped with a slightly wet cloth with mild detergent, and then wiped dry and polished with a clean soft cloth.Wear away serious marble furniture to handle hard, usable steel velvet is wiped, polish with electric polisher next, make it restores burnish.
2. For the marks on the black marble, you can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the stains, but you should pay attention to the time that the lemon juice stays for no more than two minutes.Repeat as necessary, then wash and dry.To slight abrade, can use special marble cleaner and nurse agent.
3 black marble stained with fruit juice, coffee water, drink and nicotine and other stains, with a few drops of vinegar washing powder water can wipe it off, wipe off after reoccupy clean water seriously clean.To remove soot from marble, scrub with soapy water.Oil can be washed off marble with petrol.Marble stained with ink and other stains, can be in 20 parts of water to a hydrogen peroxide in the water add a few drops of ammonia, with a soft cloth dip in this solution to wipe, and then use soft cloth wipe dry polish.
4. For minor abrasions, special marble cleaner and nursing agent can be used.
What does black marble have, basically have a few kinds of introduction to above, these a few kinds are natural stone material, it is the marble material with rare on market, price price is taller.What about the black marble print?For imprinting, you can take the method described above, are particularly effective.

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