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Black Marble Stone

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Black Marble Stone

Circular carving, also known as three-dimensional carving, is the overall expression of art in the sculpture, the viewer can see the various aspects of the object from different angles.It requires the carver front, back, left, right, top, middle, bottom all - round carving.It is the most basic technique in stone carving.
The round carvings are generally "open carvings" from the previous orientation, and it requires special attention to the unity and harmony of all angles and orientations of the works. Only in this way, the round carvings can stand the full range of the viewer.
Because the round carving works extremely rich three-dimensional sense, vivid, realistic, vivid, so the round carving of marble selection requirements are more strict, from the length and width to the thickness must have appropriate proportion with the material object, and then carving division just according to the proportion "play blank"."Batting" is the first procedure in the round carving, is also an important link, especially large round carving works, also need to first in the earth "batting", to be revised to keep "mud draft", and then formally in the marble "batting".The aim of "batting" is to ensure that all parts of a sculpture are proportioned according to strict rules, and then a knife is used to create a vivid sculpture.
With the passage of time, the theme of stone carving continues to broaden, stone carving techniques also continue to enrich the development, on the basis of circular carving techniques, there are carving, chain carving.In terms of expression content, it has also developed from an independent individual to a large-scale group carving of figures, animals and landscapes, which makes the round carving more rich and perfect in terms of techniques and content of works.The same circular carving works are often circular carving, hollow carving, chain carving and other techniques.

Black Italian goldenrod
Origin: Italy
Texture: black with gold texture
Use: home decoration marble

Spanish black crystal
Origin: Spain
Texture: black with white texture
Use: home decoration marble

Starry night
Origin: suzhou (formerly suzhou black)
Texture: black with white texture and white spots
Use: home decoration marble

Black and white root
Origin: guangxi, hubei
Texture: black with white meridians
Use: home decoration marble

A brief introduction to black marble products:


After a billion years of precipitation, when black and white meet, they can still set each other off.Instead of the so-called gray zone, black blends into white ripples, without rules, and vivid harmony.

Some pictures of black marble products are shown:

black marlble tile_副本1

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