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Blue Marble

Blue sea is marble bear, the biggest characteristic of Blue sea lies in its colour beauty.As we all know, Blue natural stone is very rare. In the whole world,Only parts of Brazil and South Africa can find blue natural stone.

The variety of blue stone in nature is extremely rare, its formation age, at least 1 billion years ago, the annual mining volume is limited.Blue sea is more valuable is its lines clear, smooth, overall beauty, simple but elegant.Blue ocean swimming pool, blue ocean applied to the bottom of the pool, like swimming in the sea as comfortable.So far, there are only two such private pools in the world, one for a king in the Middle East and the other for antonini's boss.Blue sea is applied in the washroom of west palace villa, basically be to serve as platform face plate and setting wall.More and more villas are keen on this kind of background wall stone design, because the background wall gives people infinite imagination space.Enjoying life is everywhere.

The biggest characteristic of blue sea lies in its color beauty.As we all know, blue natural stone is very rare. In the whole world, only parts of Brazil and South Africa can find blue natural stone.

Blue sea is a kind of blue marble, its surface texture changes into straight lines and chaos, texture soft, elegant and luxurious.

Interior ground, interior metope, table face plate, cylinder face, door window adornment.

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Nowadays, the housing price in Chinese cities is so high that it can reach tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan per square meter.So this blue marble might be more expensive than your house price, which many people will find incredible.What kind of marble is this one?Don't worry, small make up now on the road.
It is a blue as the background color, with a little white texture or spray like board, like the vast sea as broad, as if the sea admits all kinds of rivers, is large, deep stable, seemingly cold and do not lose temperature, that is the value of expensive natural marble - cloisonne.

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Blue marble

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