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Brown Marble Countertops

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Brown Marble Countertops

Classic kitchen design restoring ancient ways is very elegant, full of antique lasting appeal, the design of the whole kitchen USES is dark brown, the design of integrated kitchen whole style is very natural elegant, modern kitchen facilities, bring a person comfortable cooking experience, at the same time setting gives a person the sense of a clean and tidy, cabinet design makes the whole kitchen uniform, the floor USES is shallow brown design, the overall style be in harmony are an organic whole.

The quality of finished finished marble countertops can be identified from the following four aspects:
A view, that is, the naked eye to observe the surface structure of stone.Generally speaking, the stone material with uniform and fine material structure has exquisite texture, which is the best product for stone material.Coarse and unequal grain structure of stone its appearance is poor.In addition, due to the impact of geological action, stone often produce some fine cracks, the most easy along these parts of the stone fracture, should pay attention to eliminate.As for the lack of edges and corners is the impact of beauty, especially when the choice should be paid attention to.
Two quantities, namely, the size specifications of the quantity of stone, so as not to affect the Mosaic, or cause the pattern, pattern, line deformation after the Mosaic, affecting the decorative effect.
Three listens, namely listens to the stone material percussion sound.
Good quality stone its tapping sound crisp and pleasant;On the contrary, if there is a slight crack in the interior of stone or because of weathering, contact between particles becomes loose, then knock sound is hoarse.
Four test, use simple test method to test the quality of stone.Drop on the back of stone material normally a little ink, be like ink very quickly 4 disposition scatter leachate, make clear stone material interior grain is loose namely or existence aperture, stone material quality is bad;On the contrary, if the ink droplets in situ do not move, it shows that the stone quality is good.

A brief introduction to brown marble countertop products:


Some simple pictures of brown marble mesa products are shown:

China Dark Emperador_Coffee Brown_Dark Emperador

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