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Marble is easy to stain, clean should use less water, regularly with micro wet cloth with mild detergent wipe, then wipe with clean soft cloth and polish, make it restore luster.Or wipe carefully with liquid abluent agent, can use lemon juice or vinegar clean dirt mark, but the time that lemon stays above had better not exceed 2 minutes, can repeat operation when necessary, clean next and dry.For minor abrasions, special marble polishing powder and care agent can be used.Antique or valuable marble furniture should be handled by professionals.
This method of maintenance USES a kind of stone recrystallization system, which has two parts, one refers to the mechanical tool part, the other refers to some special chemical materials;Chemical materials are also divided into two categories: granite recrystallization systems and marble recrystallization systems.It is the basic principle of some special chemical material under the action of mechanical with the help of the friction produced when heat, combined with stone material surface structure and organization and rheological response, resulting in a new quality of a material is relatively hard and bright layer blending crystallization, the use of these stone recrystallization system of granite and marble floor maintenance, can make the stone material ground get bright and pure and fresh and natural effect.To marble, it still can raise the wear-resisting rate of its surface.To keep its luster longer.General situation, granite ground makes such maintenance two years can.But marble ground because of the difference of quality of a material, general circumstance 2 months or so are about to do such maintain, but specific time wants to inspect the degree that marble surface wears away and decide.
1.Marble is very flimsily, be afraid of the bump of hard thing, knock, should notice to prevent the heavy object such as iron implement to knock at ordinary times so smash stone face, lest appear pit, influence is beautiful.Hemp stone and granitic clean more easily and maintain, idle when wanting to make simple surface with a few cleaner only clean, can keep its experience constant new.
2.Wipe surfaces regularly with a damp, mild detergent cloth, then dry and buff with a clean, soft cloth, clean stains with a mild caustic agent such as lemon juice or vinegar when appropriate, and do not wipe with soaps or baking soda or other marble-sensitive materials.Use lemon juice also should be very careful, its stay time had better not exceed 1 minute, when necessary can repeat the operation, then clean and dry.Apply hydrogen peroxide to cosmetics, tea and tobacco stains and leave for two hours before washing and drying.For oil stains, can be used ethanol (alcohol), acetone (lignin) or spark electrical oil wipe, and then clean and dry.If marble furniture is burnt by cigarette butts, should consider to ask a person to repair.
3.To the marble furniture of slight abrade, can use special marble cleaner and nurse agent;Wear away serious marble furniture to handle hard, usable steel velvet is wiped, polish with electric polisher next, make it restores original burnish.Antique or valuable marble furniture should be handled by professionals.
4. Varnished marble furniture must be treated with paint layer stripping agent and carried out according to the product instructions.After all the paint is removed, it is polished with steel velvet and polished with an electric polisher.

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