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Botticino Marble

Cream-colored marble is a kind of stone material that is used very extensively in interior decoration, kind is various, the cream-colored marble on the market basically has: golden line cream-colored, Spanish cream-colored, Turkey cream-colored, white sand cream-colored, Oman cream-colored, sha Anna cream-colored, Egyptian, Roman, etc.

Natural stone is mined from natural rock, and processed into blocks or plates of the general term.The natural stone materials used for building decoration are mainly granite and marble.Natural stone materials are generally radioactive into A, B, C three class A products can be used in office buildings and family bedrooms, class B products radioactive degree is higher than class A, can not be used in the interior decoration of the bedroom, but can be used in the interior and exterior decoration of the building;Class C products are more radioactive and can only be used for exterior finishes of buildings.Category A, including sakura red, general red, Taiwan red, xinjiang red, shidao red, anxi red, maple red, xili red, tianshan white hemp, tianshan red and xiamen red, and category C, including Indian red and guilin red, are yongding red. However, the radioactive level of azalea red is higher than that of category C.

In life, marble role is extensive, no matter be floor or desktop, most people are more willing to choose to use marble, but because marble is not very thorough understanding, so when choosing and buying will encounter this or that problem.Additional, marble action is very extensive, after understanding so, can choose according to oneself, not be confined to ground and desktop only.

From A commercial point of view, all naturally formed limestone rocks that can be polished are called marbles. Not all marbles are suitable for all architectural applications, so marble should be classified into four categories: A, B, C, and D.This classification method is especially applicable to the relatively brittle category C and D marbles, which require special treatment before or during installation.

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