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Honed Marble

Marble polishing refers to laying in the marble floors, walls (or exterior), mesa, column a marble stone material such as pollution, produced by weathering, holes, the phenomenon such as light, the solution is to use potions, machinery, tools such as cleaning, polishing, restoring the marble board face like before laying die erste installation, photometric and more ornamental effect of a process.

Making the stone plate flat is the basis of subsequent polishing crystal surface processing and other processes.
In practical work, the linear speed of stone grinding machine is limited by the equipment condition, the quality of grinding machine and the property of grinding stone.In terms of the best grinding machine life and grinding efficiency, the linear speed of grinding machine should be selected according to the properties of different stones.When grinding granite, the linear speed of grinding machine can be selected in the range of 25m ~ 35m/s.

The efficiency of
For granitic stone with high quartz content which is difficult to be polished, it is advisable to select the lower limit of grinding mechanical linear speed.In the production of granite facing brick, the stone grinding machine diameter is small, the linear speed can reach 35m/s.
Grinding depth is an important parameter related to diamond wear, effective grinding, grinding mechanical stress and the property of polished stone.Generally speaking, when the linear speed of stone grinding machine is high, a small cutting depth should be selected. Technically speaking, the grinding depth of diamond can be between 1mm and 10mm.
Generally, the grinding depth can be controlled between 1mm ~ 2mm when grinding granite block with large diameter machine, and the feeding speed should be reduced at the same time.When the linear speed of stone grinding machine is large, a large cutting depth should be selected.But when the performance of the saw and the strength of the tool within the scope of permission, should try to take a larger cutting concentration for cutting, in order to improve the cutting efficiency.When there are requirements for stone grinding mechanical processing surface, it should be used for small depth cutting.

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