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We know that natural stones are made of different kinds of minerals.The reason why the natural stone materials present colorful colors and patterns is because of the different types and proportions of mineral components.Marble, for example, has calcium carbonate as its main consolidation ingredient, but it also contains different minerals.It is these sticky minerals that melt into calcium carbonate during the formation of stone, which makes the marble take on such brilliant colors.And these stickiness mineral also are granite, SLATE, travertine (cave stone), the natural dyestuff of the natural stone material such as sandstone.

Black: biotite, amphibole, carbon
As one of the purest colors, black has a strong abstract expression beyond the depth of any color.Seems to be the limit of imagination, in fact, black can be infinite imagination.

Brown: brown iron ore
Brown does not have the lively light color, nor does it have the calm and dominating dark color. The strong color of coffee gives people the feeling of a cup of hot cocoa in the cold wind, so warm that it can dispel the biting cold.The mottled texture lingering on the surface is just like the unique mark carved by time on the brown marble, which is the only part of the retro elegance of brown.

Gray: various minerals
Gray marble low-key fashion, and rich in mystery, is a relatively popular stone color in recent years, by the owners of a number of villas luxury favor.

Green: mica, chloride, silicate
The green stone material fully displays the natural new wind, for a long time the green stone material has been widely used in the interior decoration, the faint green, creates the dream fresh home decoration, manifests the unique color verve!

Red: hematite
Red has a warm color sense, a strong and outgoing personality, and is easy to attract people's attention. Among many colors, red is the most vivid and enthusiastic one.So red is also the color of passion.

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