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Marble Countertops Prices

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Marble Countertops Prices

Marble mesa with its atmospheric natural texture by the high-end market recognition, but there are always many consumers because of marble radiation problems and identification methods hesitate, read this article after these problems naturally solved.
Marble, also known as marble, is a recrystallized limestone, the main component is CaCO3.Limestone softens under high temperature and pressure and recrystallizes to form marble as the mineral content changes.Mainly used for processing into a variety of shapes, plates, for the walls of buildings, ground, platform, column, also often used for monuments such as monuments, towers, statues and other materials.
Means originated in Dali in yunnan province of marble white with black decorative pattern of limestone, profile can form a natural ink painting landscape painting, ancient often choose have shape of decorative pattern of marble used to make screen or Mosaic, then the name marble mesa gradually developed into call all have all kinds of color decorative pattern, used for building decoration materials limestone, white marble generally called the white marble, but the white marble statue of western translation production, also known as marble.

1, no deformation, high hardness, wear resistance.After long-term natural aging, the rock has uniform structure, minimal linear expansion coefficient, complete disappearance of internal stress and no deformation.Not afraid of acid, alkali erosion, will not rust, do not have to oil, not easy to stick dust, maintenance, maintenance convenient and simple, long service life.
2, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, maintenance free.Good rigidity, high hardness, high wear resistance, low temperature deformation.Will not appear scratches, not by the constant temperature condition to prevent, at normal temperature can also maintain its original physical properties.
3. Physical stability, careful organization, no burr on the surface due to impact grain falling off, which does not affect its plane accuracy, stable material, can guarantee long-term deformation, small linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical accuracy, rust, antimagnetic, insulation.No magnetization, can move smoothly when measuring, no lag feeling, not affected by moisture, plane weighing well.
4. However, it has certain radioactivity and is not recommended to be widely used.

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