Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops:Marble countertops are recognized by the high-end market for their atmospheric natural textures.

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Marble Countertops

Marble mesa has very high requirements in addition to the firmness of plank and environmental protection sex, also have strict control to the radioactivity of stone material.For a long time since, people thinks marble mesa can have radiation by mistake, when buying, hard to avoid has a few misgiving.In fact, the radioactivity of natural marble mesa is very low, won't cause harm to human body basically.
Discern marble mesa actor bad still has the following a few kinds of rules:
1. The color of visual sample is pure and not cloudy. There is no similar plastic colloid on the surface.
2. No pungent chemical odor.
3. Touch the sample surface with silk feeling, no astringency feeling, no obvious uneven feeling.
4: scratch the plate surface with nails, without obvious scratches.
5: two pieces of the same sample knock each other, not easily broken.

Installation method
Lock screw fixing
Methods make a hole 1CM deep at 4 corners of the table and add plastic bolt.Drill holes at corresponding positions of supports and fix them with downward locking screws.Add shockproof silicone pad or reinforcing ring.Remark: holes can be opened at the beam, and glue can also be considered to increase performance benefits: the overall load-bearing performance is good, the appearance is simple and light, the stability is the best.It can ensure that the table will not shake when moving.Related technical picture: punching diagram lock screw diagram
At the bottom of the mortise and tenon joint
(embedded) the installation method is similar to that of woodworking mortise and tenon marble, which shall be thickened on four sides. For example, there is a big difference in surface area between table and shelf, material filling and other processes shall be carried out.Generally used for plastic, wood frame more, iron frame toughness is not good, hardness is too large, in the process of moving may cause table instability and damage to the bottom.

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