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What is the cause of the empty marble floor?
Reason ceramic tile if empty drum situation, generally because construction caused by improper, when laying ceramic tile, cement mortar is relatively thin mortar;Or when the floor tile is laid, cement pulp has dried;Or the back of floor tile has contaminant to did not clear clean wait for a reason again.Measures to do in the construction of the mortar bond layer to ensure that dry, to fall on the ground to spread out.When laying floor tiles, the water-cement ratio of cement paste is 1:2 (the volume ratio between them), you can not use cement flour directly for laying.Should frame board inside curing period, cannot walk on the surface.
1. You can ask the decoration staff to pry the bricks open for re-paving.Method is to take out empty drum floor tile, can use suction cup, straight hanging out, and then according to the specification requirements for paving.
2, if the floor tile pavement area more than 1/3 are empty drum phenomenon, will be the whole floor tile all pried off, and then re-pavement.General situation, this is the economic loss caused by the construction side, the construction side should bear the damage cost of the floor tile and the cost of artificial auxiliary materials.
What's the way to polish marble floors?
3 common polishing methods:
1. Use a hanging mill for polishing.
2, use the disk polishing machine polishing.
3. Vibration polishing machine is generally suitable for mass polishing.
Second, choose some common tools:
(1) carving hanging mill (note;It is suggested to use the hanging mill with flexible shaft, which is more flexible and convenient to use.
(2) prepare some corresponding diamond polishing head and jade strip file and sandpaper, etc.
(3) prepare some corresponding wool felt and cowhide and rubber polishing and brush.
(4) prepare some polishing powder or polishing paste and polish wax.
5. The fixing glue used in carving.
Vibration polishing machine to use the abrasive stone three, the tools are ready then we can proceed to the surface polishing.
Polishing: the gap is generally used to use a brush groove seam polishing can also be used to use bamboo sticks or bamboo chopsticks stick polishing powder polishing, the surface is generally used to use felt on the polishing paste or use leather stick with good diamond polishing powder for surface polishing.Manual polishing method: first use 600# sandpaper rough polishing, then use fine sandpaper 2000# fine polishing, and then use block cowhood paste jade polishing powder for fine polishing.

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