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Marble Kitchen Countertops

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Marble Kitchen Countertops

Why is marble controversial as a countertop?
In fact, this question is simply about the pros and cons of marble as a countertop.
Some of the marble you see in the market is not real marble, but artificial stone.
So at this point, there's a difference.

Natural marble: the original rocks in the earth's crust are metamorphic rocks formed by the action of high temperature and pressure in the earth's crust.
Artificial stone: refers to the solid surface of artificial stone, artificial quartz stone, artificial granite stone, etc.Different types of artificial stone, its composition is not the same.The main ingredients are resin, aluminum powder, pigment and curing agent.

So the stone material is different, as a result of the mesa produced by the pros and cons are different.
Must distinguish clear, it is man-made marble, still natural marble.
So what we're talking about here is, is it a good idea to use natural marble as a countertop?
1, marble is different from other materials, because the pattern is special, so each piece of marble is unique.
In addition to a variety of colors to choose from, each color has a beautiful pattern, so whether it is vintage or minimalist architectural style, marble can satisfy.

2, natural marble is after a long period of natural aging rock, so the organizational structure is very uniform, that is, we say the texture of dense.So the hardness is very high, wear resistance is very strong.

These two points are very important for kitchen countertops, as they can easily break or crack if they are not strong enough to cook or cut.And wear resistance also decided the use period of mesa length.
3, because of the characteristics of natural rock, so marble deformation, at room temperature can also maintain its original physical properties.
That is to say, the compressive strength of marble is very high, no matter how hard you try, it is not easy to deformation.Can meet the daily use of kitchen countertops.

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