Marble Kitchen Top

Marble Kitchen Top:Popular marble hearth is decorated now, recommend a few good-looking kitchen marble to decorate effect diagram.

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Marble Kitchen Top

Compared with other board cabinets, stone cabinets appear durable, and there is no board of harmful gas hazards.As people to the home installs the requirement of the environment, stone material ambry gets the love of lover of rural and pastoral style of broad love again.

Correct marble countertop installation steps can help us to do a good job in kitchen decoration. Also, before installing marble countertop, we should first prepare the necessary materials and tools to prevent the shortage of materials in the installation process.Here's how to install marble countertops.

The installation process is as follows:

1. Measure the length and width of the table area to be installed with the prepared tape measure, and then consider whether to install the table with the sink or install the sink and the table separately according to the actual situation.

2. Move the prepared marble to the area to be installed. If there is dirt or dust on the marble countertop, clean it up.

3. When the new surface is ready, you can start to remove the old surface and sink.This step needs to be noted: if the counter cabinets do not replace the need to continue to use, then when removing the old counter and sink, to ensure the integrity of the cabinet.Of course, if possible, start removing old countertops and sinks a few days before installing new marble countertops and removing waste products.

4. After the installation area is finished, the new marble table top can be installed. Please note that there is no need to apply any glue in this installation step.If the area on the mesa is not a complete square or rectangle, it may be necessary to finish the new mesa after installation.

5. After the new marble mesa is installed, the tailgate shall be installed, and the tailgate shall be tightly integrated with the wall. Necessary adjustment measures shall be taken if there are gaps in the middle.

6. When all areas and corners are checked to be all right, the 100% clean silicone adhesive prepared before can be used.Note: the silicone adhesive used here, it is best to use a light color, and ensure that it is clean.Because adhesive is in after drying, its colour can show through marble, and the itself of light color is not apparent, the surface that can assure marble is beautiful.
7, after all processing is completed, let stand for 8 hours, check to see if the table has been evenly fixed in the cabinet.

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Popular marble hearth is decorated now, recommend a few good-looking kitchen marble to decorate effect diagram.

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