Marble Polishing

Marble Polishing:Stone care crystal surface processing of the previous process or stone processing of the last procedure.

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Marble Polishing

Let's talk about the renovation of grinding treatment, crystal polishing treatment of the construction process:
Do waterproof before refurbishing burnish above all, the purpose is to make stone material as far as possible little bibbibous, achieve thereby reduce stone material bibbibous law, do waterproof again after 300#, when because cut, grind, can cause waterproof effect to reduce or disappear, it is best to do waterproof again after condition allows 800#.
Encounter relatively loose stone material, for example white sand cream-coloured, sandstone, tropical rain forest, wood grain stone to wait to want to use high content to seal firming agent first (if super hard inorganic coating, 40% of content above organic silicon resin sealant) make before processing, make to stone material in filling loose also hardened material at the same time.
1, coarse grinding, using 50 #, 150 #, 300 #, 500 # hard a diamond resin grinding block (don't use soft water grinding coarse grinding of grinding, prone to wave, affect the flatness) coarse grinding water slightly larger but remember not too much, each piece of grinding out thoroughly absorbing water, check whether snip in abrasive left deep draw way with 50 # grinding mill, and so on, the machine go tic-tac-toe grinding, coarse grinding, 45% of the whole grinding time is the key to ensure the quality of the project completion acceptance of the chain.
2, fine grinding: use 800#, 1000#, 2000# diamond resin soft water grinding sheet, fine grinding accounts for 35% of the overall grinding time, fine grinding to 800# after the first light, fine grinding to 2000# after the gloss can reach 50 degrees.
3. Fine grinding: use 3000# diamond resin soft water grinding sheet to spray A2 grinding, conduct ion exchange, and fine grinding accounts for 20% of the overall grinding time. After fine grinding, the gloss is increased very high, and the surface density of marble is improved, which lays a solid foundation for polishing agent (NO2+Q5 mirror surface repairing agent) and enhances the adhesion of polishing material.
4, polishing: using power above 2HP, rotating speed 175-- 210 RPM, weight 45-70 kg crystal surface machine, animal hair mat with 70% animal hair content, 3M pad, nano pad, with marble mirror cream NO2, 2X mirror lock bright knife into milk Q5 for polishing and grinding, polished marble surface gloss can reach at least 90 -- 100 degrees above.
5, meet more difficult to do like stone, artificial stone, such as ajax, resin, if after the above method is still insufficient water, then spraying again A2 with 3000 # grind to dry, then repeat with nano pad, cooperate with marble mirror complex facial cream NO2, 2 x light knife mirror lock into the milk Q5 in polishing grinding, nano inorganic polymer copolymer formed are vitreous crystal layer, and the effect of the bright water, we will be able to come out.With higher hardness, wear resistance, transparency, anti - water, anti - pollution, anti - skid effect.

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