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Natural marble quality of a material is compact but hardness is not big, easy to process, carve and grind smooth, polishing.Polished marble smooth and delicate, natural texture, there is a high decorative.Marble water absorption rate is small, high durability, can be used for 40-100 years.
Natural marble has fine texture organization, solid, polished as clean as mirror, texture more than granite stretch, beautiful.High compressive strength (second only to granite), up to 300MPa, small water absorption, abrasion resistance and no deformation, etc.
Radioactivity: marble furniture has very tall requirement besides the firmness of pair of plank and environmental protection sex, also have strict control to the radioactivity of stone material.Long - term since, people thinks marble furniture to be able to have radiate by mistake, a few scruple are hard to avoid when buying.In fact, the radioactivity of natural marble is very low, won't cause harm to human body basically, and radioactivity is very tall it is man-made marble furniture.

Four distinguished features of natural marble:
1 look at the texture: each piece of natural marble has unique natural patterns and colors.
2 listen to the sound: generally speaking, good quality stone its tapping sound crisp and pleasant.
3 light transmittance test: high transmittance of natural marble, with a lighter or flashlight illuminate the back of marble, high transmittance.
4 differentiate man-made and natural marble to still have simpler one action: drop on a few thin hydrochloric acid, natural marble is violent bubble, scaglional marble is bubble weak do not bubble even.

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The archaize brick that USES green department jumps in white, pure and fresh and do not break clever, let bathroom space have a few changes again in clean simple but elegant.
The wood-textured walls, decorated with decorative retro tiles, contain elements of the 17th century decorative style, and the air is full of retro atmosphere.

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