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Marble Quarry

China has stone resources throughout the north and south of the Yangtze river, inside and outside the Great Wall, and 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, all of which have been developed.From Inner Mongolia, where fengzhen is black, to hainan, where yizhou is red;From the production of dandong green liaoning to the production of tianshan orchid xinjiang and the production of white marble in Tibet thousands of miles, has built stone ore (point) more than 3,000, more than 1,000 varieties (marble more than 400 kinds, granite more than 600 kinds).The stone resources are mainly distributed in changbai mountain and yanshan mountain.Shandong hills, especially jiaolai valley, laoshan, taishan area is extremely rich in resources;Southeast hill, north hangzhou bay, west to the yunnangui plateau, including xianxia ridge, dai yunshan, nanling mountain, yunkai mountain, etc., altitude in 500 meters below, granite marble resources, according to the current information is estimated to account for the national estimated reserves and varieties of half;Taihang mountains, luliang mountain area wutai mountain, hengshan area concentrated a number of high-quality granite resources;Qinling mountains and sichuan basin in the west of the yunnan-guizhou plateau north sichuan, panxi large snow mountains, daliang mountains, a large number of outstanding quality of red, green, black series of granite and marble;Yunnan-guizhou plateau lijiang, nu river, Dali and other autonomous prefectures rich in famous varieties of marble;Xinjiang's tianshan mountains and the wuzhishan mountains of hainan island also distribute different varieties of stone resources, such as tianshan blue granite renowned at home and abroad.

In addition, China's SLATE resources are widely distributed.Fangshan, Beijing, mentougou area rust color, emerald green and various green color changing SLATE;The milky white and milky yellow SLATE in yi county, mancheng, xushan and other places in baoding district;SLATE of various colors produced in hanzhong, ankang and yulin regions of shaanxi;Hubei ten kan, shanxi five Taiwan, dingxiang, zhejiang xiao county also produces different colors of SLATE.

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