Marble Shower

Marble Shower´╝ÜMarble is a kind of way of life, hard, composed have rich change.

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Marble Shower

Wash gargle is the beginning of a day and the end of a day, wash bath is us "remodel", "brand-new" time -- so, the importance of this place of the bathroom is self-evident.
Clean and beautiful bathroom decoration will let you stay in one of the time to become a kind of enjoyment, and then share all kinds of bathroom design, I hope we can get inspiration from it.
With dark coffee walls and white marble flowers, this is a simple, clean bathroom design.Receive a space very enough, the contemporary adornment picture on the wall let whole bathroom space added breath of a modern.
Although it is the most secret area between wei yu, but it is the space that can make a person loosen most however.Know to enjoy the person of the life, there is taller requirement certainly between wei yu.Unload the fatigue of a day, the beautiful city panoramic view, it may be said is a paradise of life enjoyment.

The washroom is equipped with exquisite makeup mirror, which makes it more bright and spacious visually.The metal glass droplight with distinctive modelling before stage basin, delicate and exquisite, let bath more relaxed, reflect the pursuit that gives stylist to high quality life from detail.

Marble is a kind of way of life, hard, composed have rich change.

Marmara white (marmara white) is a unique combination of horizontally balanced marble that showcases a modern and sophisticated bathroom with an elegant atmosphere that makes your home look like a luxury hotel.
The rich texture of the marble bathroom can be divided into the space itself is a design means, wood cabinets warm the whole cold space.
The zebra on the wall gives the space a sense of wildness, with bright natural light silenced in the overall atmosphere.
The bathroom became master private rest or those who think alone enjoy heaven and earth, arrive to wash one's hands marble from wall to the floor again nowhere is absent, see woodiness receive ark, this contemporary marble bathroom is absolutely not icy.

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