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Marble Stone Tile

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Marble Stone Tile

Build in design institute President zhang jingru: "marble is live and ceramic tile is dead", so the appearance of marble ceramic tile lets ceramic tile change by dead live, gifted ceramic tile more intelligence.
Zhao zhifeng, founder of CHY design center and teacher of art college of suzhou university: marble tile is an emerging material.This product can make up for the limitation that we sometimes use materials to fill such a gap.
Paul andreu, famous French architect: I don't know much about this material, but I think the use of stone is not excessive, because stone is not inexhaustible, even for countries like China is not inexhaustible.Sometimes I see some stone patterns in China which are very beautiful, but sometimes I use it in the toilet.I think we should store these beautiful stones for better use, because one day we will find that these stones are gone.
LLS founder li yu: marble tile is made with the method of imitation stone, which is the product of art and the artistic product of a cross bridge
Dr. Yin hong, deputy secretary general of China building health ceramics association, professor of south China university of technology and a well-known scholar in the industry: marble tile products have a wide range of application and development space and will certainly become one of the most important product categories of ceramic tile products.
Diao minyou, party secretary of China building materials industry technical information research institute and building materials industry technical supervision research center: the future prospect of marble tiles is not only that they can replace some natural stones, but also that "they can replace many traditional ceramic tile products".

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As the rise of people living standard and further deepen to healthy understanding, the price is the decisive factor that consumer chooses adornment material no longer.People should think more about their own safety while protecting the environment.

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