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Blue Marble Tile

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Blue Marble Tile

Nowadays, the housing price in Chinese cities is so high that it can be as high as tens of thousands of square meters, or even hundreds of thousands of square meters.So the price of this blue marble is probably higher than the price of your house.What kind of marble is this?Don't worry, xiaobian right now.It is a blue as the background color, with a point of white texture or the surface of the waves, like the vast sea as vast, the sea is tolerant of all rivers, is big, deep and stable, seemingly cold and not lose temperature, that is the value of natural marble - cloisonne.

Cloisonne is produced in the football kingdom of "Brazil". Due to its small production, high gloss, well-proportioned plate, and rich lapis lazuli, it is extremely valuable and expensive.

Of all the colorful natural marbles, blue is the rarest and most precious in nature, and it is rare that it can be so quiet and charming as jingtai lian.Not only like the vast sea, but also like the night sky, the dark blue night sky, hanging stars · little, quiet, beautiful, mysterious, people can not help but want to explore.Such blue will let our anxious mood calm down, to enjoy the joy of life and arrangements.

Blue is dreamy, the adornment that such stair lets a person cannot help wanting to trample stair is sundry, but the cloisonne that USES such value does not poor serves as stair footstep adornment, very surprised.Revolving stair, plus the cloisonne like blue sea, cooperate lamplight, set off the grain of cloisonne nature comes out, connect fully bright.It's a fancy staircase that makes you want to "step on it, touch it."

Cloisonne is the supreme blue series, no matter look from that Angle, it is through bright eye, can penetrate your double eye, leave its deep impression to you.Do not need to say large area is decorated with cloisonne, need to adorn a bit only, can promote the class of whole space and style, grain is clear and visible, have gentle and rich qualitative feeling.

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