Marble Slab Countertops

Marble Slab Countertops

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Marble Slab Countertops

What is the thickness standard for marble countertops
Generally, 1.8-2cm is imported.Homebred perhaps thickness is different, say is 2 centimeters, some have 1.5 centimeters actually only.If the floor like 3 cm to more than 10 cm are some, to customize!The width of general marble is 60 centimeters, also have 80 centimeters!The longest length is usually more than 2 meters.Import board is different from big specification.Do engineering to avoid loss as far as possible according to the original width and length of marble materials to set specifications!Kitchen marble mesa thickness of 6CM or so, natural marble mesa is better, economic benefits.Natural marble quality of a material is compact but hardness is not big, easy, carve and grind smooth, polishing etc.Polished marble smooth and delicate, natural texture, there is a high decorative.Marble water absorption rate is small, high durability, can be used for 40-100 years.1. Length: 3680mm(maximum) in the range, including standard size :2440mm,3050mm,3680mm 2. Width :960mm (maximum) in the range, including standard width :960mm;3. Thickness: above 6mm, including standard thickness of 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 30mm, pure acrylic solid surface can be made.

A brief introduction to marble SLATE mesa products:


Marble hole, can use the above two kinds of drill bits:
1, the first is degree emery drill, suitable for marble, tile, glass and other holes, the use of ordinary electric drill line;
2, the second is hard alloy drill bit, can also be used for marble, tile, glass and other holes.
Just pay attention to one point: when drilling to add water at any time, do not dry grinding, that will quickly damage the drill bit.

Marble splicing mainly depends on mechanical processing. If there is a precise mechanical processing, the two interfaces have better quality of butt joint. At this time, special glue can be used for pressure bonding.The final process, which still requires precision machinery, is polishing and polishing.This makes the countertops seamless.

Some pictures of marble SLATE mesa products are displayed:

Big white marble 05

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