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Natural Tile:The decorate material on building materials market is various, the natural stone after cutting and ceramic tile are very similar, but there are a lot of differentia between them.

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Natural Tile

Current, the decorate material on building materials market is various, the natural stone after cutting and ceramic tile are very similar, then a lot of people are right they are two foolish divisional not clear.In fact, there are many differences between them.

1.The difference between natural stone and ceramic tile: natural stone belongs to natural material, while ceramic tile is made of adobe, which belongs to artificial material.
2.The difference between natural stone and ceramic tile texture natural stone surface texture without ceramic tile rich, and because of natural formation, there will be surface cracks, easy to ooze oil.Contrary, ceramic tile sends density tall, not easy ooze is smeary.
3.Natural stone and ceramic tile difference in color, natural stone due to its natural nature, color difference will be more obvious, and in the process of later processing can not be processed, but the effect of natural atmosphere.And ceramic tile belongs to late period to be machined artificially and become, also can avoid chromatic aberration on certain level.

4. The difference between natural stone and ceramic tile shape natural stone can be shaped according to different requirements for cutting, ceramic tile because of the requirements of the specification, the limitations of the shape of the production is larger.
5.The difference between natural stone and ceramic tile production process natural stone processing according to the type of processing and the material of the stone, the production process gap is large.Ceramic tile is the metallic oxide that is with fireproof and half metallic oxide, through grind, mix, pressing, apply glaze, sintering process.
6. The difference between natural stone and ceramic tile shop paste shop paste natural stone can only take dry hanging technology.Thousand hanging is relative to the cement mortar bonding stone veneer, that is, do not use cement mortar bonding.First is the dry hanging fixed in the brick wall, and then the inner groove of stone hanging to dry hanging, fixed with glue.And ceramic tile needs to use stickup agent only can, the shop that sticks than stone material is easier.

The main product introduction of natural ceramic tile:

Surface Finish

Polished,Honed, Bushhammed,Mushroom, Water-repellent, Flamed,Nature Split etc.

Belows are common sizes, customer's design are available

Common Sizes



1800(up) x 600(up)mm
1800(up) x 700(up)mm
2400(up) x 1200(up)mm
2800(up) x 1500(up)mm etc


15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc



305 x 305mm or 12" x 12"
400 x 400mm or 16" x 16"
457 x 457mm or 18" x 18"
600 x 600mm or 24" x 24" etc


10mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,20mm,2.5mm,30mm, etc



100X100, 100X*100,100X200, 200X200,400X400mm,etc


20mm, 30mm,40mm,50mm,60mm,80mm,100mm,120mm






96" x 26", 76"x36", 98"x26", 108" x 26"


3/4", 3/8", 1/2"

Vanity Tops


25"x22" , 31"x22", 37"x22" , 49"x22", 60" x22"


3/4", 3/8", 1/2"

Edge Style

bull nose, ogee, bevel, eased, polish, etc


1)Tiles & cut to size in Fumigated wooden crates. inside will cover by foamed plastics (polystyrene).
2) Slab in fumigated wooden bundle.


For internal and external decoration and construction.
wall panel, floor tile, stairs, paving, wall cladding, countertop, vanity are available.


1)   Polished degree 80°- 100°.
2) Thk tolerance : -/+0.5mm for countertop and big slab; -/+1mm for tile
3) Surface flatness tolerence: +/-0.3mm
4) Diagonal tolerance : +/-1mm.

Natural tile of the main product pictures:

Tile 0101

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