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Marble Tiles Design

Ceramic tile is divided commonly open body brick and glaze brick, open body brick is in use if have wear away later period can look for professional personnel to grind off a undertake renovating, because he is an organic whole!And glaze brick has surface only glaze, glaze and ceramic tile are not a after all, after glaze is worn out, can be very ugly and cannot be renovated can change a brick only!
1: both of the surface have some irregular grooves, some with the echo of texture of stone material, some only as a kind of surface decoration, which is different from other ceramic tile category one of the most intuitive way, some consumers will be misled by merchants with these grooves can increase the non-slip, here I clarify if there really is prevented slippery, estimate is only in view of the ants will have prevent slippery effect...
2: the embryo body of marble tile is the same as that of other glazed floor tiles, and the whole marble tile is indeed added with some techniques, so that the color and texture of the entire embryo body are as close as possible to the effect of the tile surface.
Please note, what I said is as close as possible, because in terms of color is also about 80%, 90% of the approximate degree, processed on the wall after the impact of light shadow, far distance looks very different, of course, close to see it is really more beautiful than the overall body.In addition, it is impossible for the texture of the embryo body to be exactly the same as the surface texture. At least today, there is no factory in China that can make the lines in the marble texture in the embryo body, which can only be blocks and dots.
3: although the name is called open body marble, but it is by no means the same as stone material, the surface is scratched, throw light on the remove, because it is not the real meaning of the open body, the surface texture or printing up, I hope we can understand, open body marble on the road to artificial stone but also go very long very long......But it is the category of best ceramic tile now really.

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