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Marble Wall Tiles

Marble ceramic tile is having body surface to show fully, the nature with natural grain, use at family adornment, beautiful and easy, still can make all sorts of household style easily, so some owner still can build by laying bricks or stones of marble ceramic tile on the wall, but marble ceramic tile lays bricks or stones on the wall, need to hold what little skill?
1. Step 1: check the empty wall.It is metope cannot empty drum above all, this is the requirement on the wall of marble ceramic tile not only, also be the basic requirement that common ceramic tile shop sticks.
Step 2: apply occlusion.Confirm that the situation of flat wall without empty drum coating wall solid
Apply occlusion, which is what we call coating interfacial agent.
3. Step 3: brush the wall with adhesive and hair pulling.
This adhesive is the most important factor in determining the firmness of marble tile walls.
4. Step 4: change the adhesive on the marble tile, paste the brick on the wall, continue to apply the adhesive on the back of the brick.
Step 5: tap with a rubber hammer
With a rubber hammer, force temperature text, will not damage the brick surface, can compaction touch surface, add touch surface stress area, avoid forming an empty drum.
Expect the small skill above to be able to help each adornment owner, make the beautiful household that accords with oneself to taste.

Product features
Marble is a natural, were developed and used as building decoration materials, belong to the hardness of stone material, has good strength, service life time is longer than ceramic tile, marble stone hardness is not high, however, on the one hand, this is good for cutting processing, on the other hand also so than daily use of strong wear resistant ceramic tile, is not suitable for used as surface decoration.Marble still has an apparent defect, it is easy to be weathered, also do not suit shop to stick outdoor so.Relatively speaking, the kind of ceramic tile is each different, in order to satisfy different adornment demand and undertake ceaseless raise production technology, and divide door kind, if have to be used at exterior wall to spread the exterior wall brick that sticks technically, have firm wear-resisting floor tile, also have adornment effect high-grade and fashionable polishing brick, microcrystalline stone to wait.
Adornment effect
In adornment effect, marble TianRanXing is strong, is the most significant features of decorative pattern design mountain water, cloud and mist, smooth texture, soft and moist, beautiful and easy, natural effect is very good, such as white marble was called the white marble, and completely by processing and manufacturing of ceramic tile in this regard is worse than the marble.Nevertheless ceramic tile breed is various, the colour grain that process makes also strange and unusual, can build a variety of different style effect.
Safety and environmental protection
Do marble and tile have some radiation?To be exact, there is radiation, but it is also a matter of magnitude.The radiate of natural marble is bigger, the proposal lives in not big area shop to stick marble commonly.And the radiate sex of ceramic tile is smaller, did not affect to human body commonly.Home is a tile or marble shop, I believe we know.

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