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Natural Stone Countertops

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Natural Stone Countertops

Marble, also known as marble, is a recrystallized limestone, the main component is CaCO3.Limestone softens under high temperature and pressure and recrystallizes to form marble as the mineral content changes.Mainly used for processing into a variety of shapes, plates, for the walls of buildings, ground, platform, column, also often used for monuments such as monuments, towers, statues and other materials.

Marble ambry mesa is easy to stain, clean should use less water, regularly with a slightly wet cloth with mild detergent, and then wipe with a clean soft cloth dry and polished.Wear away serious marble mesa to handle hard, can wipe with steel velvet, polish with electric polisher next, make it restores burnish.
Installation method
Lock screw fixing:
Methods make a hole 1CM deep at 4 corners of the table and add plastic bolt.Drill holes at corresponding positions of supports and fix them with downward locking screws.Add shockproof silicone pad or reinforcing ring.Remark: holes can be opened at the beam, and glue can also be considered to increase performance benefits: the overall load-bearing performance is good, the appearance is simple and light, the stability is the best.It can ensure that the table will not shake when moving.Related technical picture: punching diagram lock screw diagram
Bottom mortise and tenon:
Installation method similar to woodworking mortise and tenon marble to be thickened on four sides, such as a table
There is a big difference between the surface area and the shelf, which requires material filling and other processes.Generally used for plastic, wood frame more, iron frame toughness is not good, hardness is too large, in the process of moving may cause table instability and damage to the bottom
Bonding method:
The bottom 4 legs of the bracket to make the wide side.Increase the contact area to use marble glue and so on for bonding, general glass mesa application is more, marble surface needs to pass the bottom processing, add a layer of stick plate (wood material) overall load-bearing performance is poor.

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