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Travertine Marble

Travertine, also known as kongshi, belongs to limestone and marble.It is usually cream or light red and is made from calcite deposited in hot springs.It is formed by water flowing from the deposited waste rock and cinder, dissolving the calcium in the cinder and reaccumulating.There are many holes in the debris that can hold and absorb water.These holes need to be filled with synthetic resin or cement, otherwise a lot of maintenance work is required.

【 different name 】 sha jugang "beautiful eyes act the role ofing", darcy, purple river "crystal beads of grass".
The research of varieties and varieties is published in the four medical codes.
According to the cloud "map mirror snail eye" : "there are three kinds of posts, those from plants are the best;Jugang from hot spring, like refined flour, for the middle class;It comes from the igang of the rock mountain. Its section is like a broken horse's tooth. It is inferior."
"Explanation difficult" cloud: "upper district ali, there is a natural spring, this spring produces to seek a post.""Chi mei eye ornaments" cloud: "travertine produced in the pilgrimage of di si river, color yellow."
"Blue glaze" cloud: "sha jigang color white, like alkali flowers, divided up two products, the color white, taste is not obvious."The mirror of manna grass" yun: "shazigang is produced in the vicinity of mirin, where there is a place of study built by old yutuo, and there is a deep cave. The humidity in the cave is high, and it is free from sunlight and wind. The white, soft, loose and free from sand and stone.In the bamboo straight gongdi table wooden spring on the mountain back, there is a cave, this hole also produces the top grade residence post.For shangpin jugang, previous scholars thought it was more effective than bamboo."
Depending on the source, there are two types of plants and minerals.Among them plant kind see "day bamboo yellow" bar in the book.This product is mineral, there are two kinds of different posts: one is sha jugang, one is to seek posts.Its original mineral is travertine.

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