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Carrara Marble Tile

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Carrara Marble Tile

The pure, soft texture of white stone matched with the natural vein of quietly elegant, another breathtaking, and was given to the sacred and pure meaning.Since ancient times, white stone has become people's favorite.
The application of white stone in decoration design is more and more extensive, and gradually becomes the favorite of high-end design field.In the natural stone material of white kind, marble breed has commonly: snowflake is white, yu belly is white, white crystal, carrara is white, Yugoslavia is white, jazz is white, elegant shi is white, fine white, landscape grain is big white, white marble, Oriental white, net grain is big white etc.;

Carrara white by designers and owners like a kind of white marble, is widely used in high-end hotels, high-end leisure places decoration, decoration materials.
Board features: white with gray lines, lines have points and striations of the division;
Scope of application: mainly used in interior decoration, such as ground, wall, column and table panel, etc

Snow White, marble SLATE color white, pure texture, with crystal, snow, transparent characteristics.

Natural marble, the variety of white background, and the distribution of lines or gray line longitudinal across the board, and uneven distribution of lines, very good luminosity, up to 120 degrees, Snow White due to fine texture, high gloss in marble is a high-grade varieties.

Snow White - natural marble plank for high finishing materials, mainly used for building decoration of high grade buildings, such as used as a memorial building, hotel, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, large public buildings, indoor metope, the place such as cylinder, floor, stair step facing material can also be used in stair railing, desk, front, dado, window sill, skirting board, etc.

Carrara white, snowflake white case
The feeling after laid has jade moist, elegant breath, as if place oneself in sacred palace.

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Bianco Carrara 卡拉拉白_副本

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