Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble:Rock features, light gray silk grain, dot grain, fine grain, light gray silk grain, white marble.

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Carrara Marble

Test of Angle

The measurement was made with a 90 steel square with an inner Angle verticality tolerance of 0.13mm and an inner Angle side length of 500mmx400mm.Press the short side of the square ruler against the short side of the plate and the long side of the square ruler against the long side of the plate. Measure the maximum clearance between the length of the plate and the long side of the square ruler with a feeler or a vernier caliper.When the length of the plate is less than or equal to 500mm, any pair of opposite angles of the plate can be measured; when the long side of the plate is greater than 500mm, four angles of the plate can be measured.The angular tolerances of the plates are expressed by measurements of maximum clearance, accurate to 0.1mm.

Appearance quality inspection

(1) pattern tone will match the board board and quite test board flat flat on the ground?Stand visual inspection 1.5m away from the plate.(2) artificial gouge on the plate flat on the ground, 1.5m away from the plate visual measurement.(3) color line number visual measurement color line number.Measure the length, width and height of defects with vernier caliper and visually measure the number of missing angles.Step with the vernier caliper measure the height of the step, measure the maximum as the height of the step.6 crack visible crack using visual method, implicit crack using hammer blow method, namely the metal hammer hit the plate, through the sound, generally is a dumb sound to identify whether there is a crack, determine.7 spot measurement with a vernier caliper spot size, visual measurement of the number of spots.

Is marble a relatively soft stone?On the mohs hardness scale, marble is rated at about 3 and up to 10.Marble, like teeth, is made of calcium.If it's too hard?Teeth break, and if you eat too much sugar, teeth get pierced.The same is true of stone.If the reagents used on the stone surface are improper, the stone will start to rot and form holes.Here is the famous MOHS table of hardness.This standard was developed in the early nineteenth century to help determine the strength and hardness of the stones used so that appropriate measures could be taken in their application.For example, the hardness of the lower stone needs to use a softer reagent, drag and wash more frequently.

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Bianco Carrara 卡拉拉白_副本

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