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Crema Marfil Marble

Some marbles contain a certain amount of silica, while others do not.Fine particles, surface fringe distribution is generally more irregular, lower hardness.The composition and structural characteristics of Spanish beige marble give it the following properties:
(1) good decorative performance, Spanish beige marble does not contain radiation and bright color, rich color, is widely used for indoor wall, ground decoration.With excellent processing performance: sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, carving, etc.
(2) Spanish beige marble wear resistance is good, not easy to aging, its service life is generally in 50-80 years.
(3) in industry, Spanish beige marble is widely used.Such as: used for raw materials, purification, metallurgical solvent, etc.
(4) Spanish beige marble has the characteristics of non-conductive, non-magnetic, stable field position, etc.

Base color beige, a few fine red lines, good luminosity.There are four types of Spanish beige: COTO conventional beige, ZAFRA red beige, SP lightning beige and ZIVAS watermark beige. There are rice grain type, white flower type, etc. The background color ranges from light white to dark black, and there are color lines and red lines of various colors.

Technical parameters
Volume density: 2.68 GMS /cm3
Water absorption rate: 0.07%
Surface porosity: 1.30%
Compression strength: 1.557 kg/cm3
Bending strength: 148 kg/cm3
Wear test: 0.35mm
Impact test: 23cm
Impact microscopic strength: 157 kg/mm2
Freezing loss weight: 0.00%
Freezing compression strength: 1.352 kg/cm3

The advantages and disadvantages
1. Big differences in colors and patterns
2. White/yellow/red/green spots
3, more rice teeth
4, black belt, glass root, rust line, crack
5, powdery wind erosion tunnel
6. Yin and Yang

Related species recommendation
Jurassic cream-colored, rose cream-colored, ivory cream-colored, Athens cream-colored, yali cream-colored, imperial cream-colored

Indoor floor and wall
Beijing zhonghai tower, guangzhou zhonghai jincheng nanyuan business building, emirates palace hotel

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Beige Marble

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