White Marble Coffee Table

White Marble Coffee Tableļ¼šA few class are taller still want marble.

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White Marble Coffee Table

Marble tea table, as its name suggests, it is to use what marble makes to give tea table, general mesa is marble, the material such as remaining part USES wood, steel.Marble tea table has fashionable and high-grade appearance, smooth and shiny surface, unique natural stone texture, rich texture, with good decorative, improve the taste of the whole space.Marble is hard in texture, high in strength, low in deformation rate, and stable in physical performance. The tea table made is firm in structure, good in wear resistance, scratch resistance, and alkali liquid corrosion resistance. It has little temperature change, long service life, and is not easily stained with dust, so it is convenient for cleaning and maintenance.Marble tea table is porous material, not resistant to pollution, should be less water, daily can dip in with slightly wet cloth to clean up a small amount of neutral detergent, again with a clean soft cloth to wipe, can also use lemon juice or coarse clean smudgy parts, main lemon juice adherent time try not to 2 min, if again not clean, can be repeated, then dip in with soft cloth wipe the water.The marble tea table on market has the cent of natural marble and man-made marble, among them, natural marble has natural design and colour.

About the price of marble tea table, the price of type of face of normal scaglio marble tea table should be in 1000 yuan, and natural marble tea table comes relatively more expensive, the material that recognizes the product when buying so pledges more important.Marble tea table is worn form a complete set with real wood tea table commonly, mesa USES marble, frame is real wood, also have marble to enchase inside the frame, nevertheless, with respect to my feeling, have many marble that is man-made marble or colophony copy.It doesn't matter what the material is.The key is that they like it, solid wood frame marble tea table, I estimate the price around 2000.Specific price pledges with real wood, marble to have a relation.The average person buys natural marble tea table to look good-looking, the price is moderate bought directly, and the quality that still should notice it when buying natural marble tea table.Generally speaking, natural marble tea table can be divided into two kinds: one kind is, microwave detects intelligent tea table, another kind is, invisible boil water marble tea table.Although natural marble tea table is more durable, but again durable thing cannot escape the baptism of years, so natural marble tea table also needs to maintain.

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