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White Marble Desk

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White Marble Desk

Although already had a lot of strong, deft also very good-looking new material to live in a product now, but, on beauty, cannot compare with the natural material that nature makes by extraordinary workmanship forever.The color texture of a weather-beaten wood, the sense of life of a fine marble, the luster and texture of a silk velvet, and even a pure cotton cloth give us a tight and soft feeling, are all artificial materials imitated again like, but also can't really reach the realm.The 2018 milan furniture fair just passed, hall no. 1 is different from previous years. There are no big brands, but many luxury and quality household products are installed in it.Top marble, top silk velvet, brass lamps and lanterns, handle, we look close, sit, touch, will sigh, really good things, will not use unnatural materials.For the love of natural materials, let us chase these pure and natural products all the way, pure wood floor, wool/silk hand-made carpet, linen bed products. Finally, it is the turn of marble table.

Our marble table is a near impossible project. It looks simple, it's just a stone job, but it's not.People make a lot of new materials that imitate natural materials, not only because new materials are cheap, but also because, pure natural materials, there must be all kinds of problems, delicate, with the change of the environment will be a variety of conditions.But because of the irreplaceable beauty of nature, we still have to try our best to overcome these difficulties, these beautiful things, move to their own homes.

The colour and lustre of marble desk, the beauty of decorative pattern is other material is incomparable, can build yi yi to shine in the home costly feeling.

There are many kinds of marble. The marble used for this table is a fine Calacatta Gold (fish-belly white) marble, which is worth at least ten thousand RMB.

How about this elegant white marble?

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