White Marble Floor Tile

White Marble Floor Tile

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White Marble Floor Tile

Various specifications.The quality is firm, the pressure wear-resisting, can moistureproof, some after glazing processing, has the decoration function.Used mostly on the ground and floor of public and civil buildings.
In order to increase the integrity of the stone floor, the gap on the marble floor is re-processed in the process of deep marble polishing, and the marble tailor processing technology that can eliminate the black seam in use is adopted.The construction process of marble tailor treatment process is as follows:
1. Tailor treatment: use marble cutting machine and marble cutting piece (choose the type of cutting piece according to the width of needed gap) to clean up the original filling between the gaps. This work is dust work, and some marbles may also cause edge breakage.Special treatment is required for special marble and dust.
2. Joint filling: re-filling with marble glue.Marble color is close to the use of marble glue, if necessary, the marble glue color.Fill glue to fill the marble glue slightly higher than the marble floor, because marble glue will have a contraction after curing.Not allowing for shrinkage will make the final overall feel slightly worse.
3, grinding, polishing, crystallization and stone grinding, polishing, crystallization together, please refer to the details of the above process, the gap will be very.

(I) stone crystal face processing stone crystal face processing is the new technology of re-lattice, hard and light on the stone surface, its principle is to make the stone surface lattice soften through physical and chemical methods, form a dense molecular arrangement layer under the grinding of baijie pad, and finally make the lattice re-solidify.After the crystal hardening treatment, the hardness of stone can increase by 2-3 mohs, and the brightness can be significantly improved.Process selection tools: multi-functional cleaning machine, dust suction machine, weight iron, cleaning pad, 3M handle, cleaning cloth selection: the ground cleaner, neutral cleaner, foaming agent, stone crystal powder, stone maintenance agent with the cleaning machine with the ground cleaner to wash and dry, use neutral cleaner water over clean;Stone crystal powder is evenly spread on the ground by 10 grams per square meter and grind with equal amount of water until the agent disappears;Use stone material to maintain agent to press every square metre 6 grams even scatter in the ground to match machine 100 clean mat freely grind, till bright.(ii) tools, equipment and materials for daily stone care: ordinary single-brush machine (better effect of weighting machine)

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