White Marble Kitchen Countertops

White Marble Kitchen Countertops

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White Marble Kitchen Countertops

A lot of kitchens now have marble countertops, because marble is beautiful.And the marble has a lot of texture so it has a very upscale feel.

The cantilevered middle island is made of white marble
More light and beautiful

It is made of marble and wood
Modern and fashionable kitchen
Dark wood with white marble
Create an elegant kitchen atmosphere

Bare gray cave stone quality with
Simple lines
The whole design is almost invisible
Cabinet handles and partitions

Perfect proportions with expensive materials
A combination of wood and marble
Create a high-end kitchen
Concise decorate also is a kind of enjoyment on the vision

Concerned personage proposal, consumer is in marble of choose and buy when, want careful the granite of series of gules, brown, marble, if use, the area that installs a shop had better not exceed 40 square metre.Do not buy as far as possible "mobile booth" marble, because among them a lot of marble are dye, the sanitation safety of coating has a problem.At the scene of selection, there are three methods: eye view, ear listen, ink drop.
Eye view: the stone material with uniform fine material structure has exquisite texture, which is the best stone material.Coarse and unequal grain structure of stone its appearance is poor.
Listen to: good quality stone tapping sound crisp and pleasant;If there is a slight crack in the stone material interior or the contact between particles becomes loose due to weathering, then the knocking sound is hoarse.
Drop ink: drop on the back of the stone material a small ink, such as ink quickly four disposal dispersion leaching, that is, the stone material internal particles loose or there is a gap, stone quality is not good;If ink droplets in situ do not move, it shows that the quality of stone.
Consumer is buying stone material shall have the right to require the manufacturer to produce test report, and should pay attention to the date of the inspection report, the stone material of same breed because of its mine dot, ledge, producing area different, its radioactivity is a big difference, when choosing so or using stone material cannot onefold see one of portions examine only report, especially when large quantities of quantities on the project when using, should be partial is approved or grading detects for many times.

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Oriental white marble tile 0201

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