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White Marble Kitchen

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White Marble Kitchen

Buying a house is a very expensive thing for a lot of people, and bridal chamber is decorated it is the thing that expend brain effort however, when decorating, we often can encounter a few optional problems, for example, choose what kind of decorate a style, choose what advocate material, choose what kind of material to pledge to wait a moment.The detail that decorates and our life in the future is closely bound up, want serious consideration so.We need to determine these to choose designers or decoration company decoration!Small make up regularly update decoration skills and experience, for your reference, hope to help you decorate.
Popular marble hearth is decorated now, recommend a few good-looking kitchen marble to decorate effect diagram.
Case 1

The ambry that brunet walnut makes, the incisive and incisive that will simple sense of wooden furniture behaves, ark door rectangle decorative pattern rises to have stereo feeling more, mature and prudent in flow reveals refined.Ambry chooses the marble with black bottom dark grain to serve as ambry mesa, beautiful atmosphere, kitchen whole temperament also was promoted many.
Case 2

Black marble hearth luster, clear natural texture reflects the original stone texture.Different colorific ambry collocation is same marble mesa, resemble a link to connect both.Whole kitchen is decorated build a natural and fresh sense.
Case 3

Dark brown solid wood cabinets are composed and elegant. The u-shaped layout provides strong storage space. The middle island extends the operation area and can also be used as a dining table and bar.Dark solid wood with white marble countertops makes the stove look cleaner and fresher.
Cases 4

The whole kitchen gives priority to tonal with white, especially the U type ambry of white, integral beautiful atmosphere, detail sculpture is exquisite.The marble hearth with tie-in warm tone infuses a warm meaning to the original pure kitchen space.The marble with little spots of spots is natural grain, its itself has extremely strong adornment feeling.

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