White Marble Stone

White Marble Stone

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White Marble Stone

1. The white stone shall be protected before glue repair, and the horizontal and vertical sides of the seam shall be saturated and protected, and sufficient health preservation period shall be guaranteed.
2, white stone can not easily scratch glue, glue oil in the glue is very easy to penetrate into the surface of white stone to form an ugly shadow.

3, white stone material as far as possible to choose white pad or soft stainless steel wire cotton do crystallization, if the choice of ordinary steel wire cotton do crystallization and medicine to do crystallization, medicine must be less put more grinding, clean medicine, and then use fine steel wire cotton collect clean stone surface of all the potion marks, to avoid the ground yellow.
4. Do not place all kinds of metal physical bodies on the ground of white stone materials.Stone institute (IDstone5a)
5, white stone to clean up the stains of the seam, slit pieces of iron can not touch the seam, otherwise there will be gray pig iron residue on the white stone, the same phenomenon, with the glue ash knife to clear the seam will cause the seam ash.
6, white stone to choose a high quality protective agent with high solid content, in order to resist the high temperature in the process of marble glue curing glue oil.

7, white stone to high degree of grinding, and coating brush for many times to protect, do less to put more grinding of chemical crystals, let the crystal layer superposition, to make the ideal luminosity.
8, low-quality dry grinding pieces of white stone, will cause the surface of white stone yellowing, low-quality dry grinding pieces in the process of dry grinding temperature increased sharply, the high temperature produced so that the dry grinding pieces of adhesive softening and attached to the surface of stone cause yellowing.

9, besmear is brushed on any product of white stone material, want to pass be able to bear or endure weather and be able to bear or endure yellow to change a test, inferior cloud paraffin, polish agent, filar agent can cause white stone material yellow to change.
White stone is not difficult to do, understand the special type of white stone, pay attention to details, choose high-quality products and reasonable construction technology can make the ideal effect.

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