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White Marble Tiles

Can reproduce vivid and rich stone material texture already, having the advantage such as environmental protection safety, wear-resisting fight pollution, easy cleanness to do again -- marble ceramic tile, already replaced natural stone material gradually, make the first choice that contemporary household decorates building materials.
In recent years, marble tiles in the terminal heat does not reduce, a variety of stone texture is gradually developed, become texture design source diagram.Among them have many stone grain because beautiful and easy, become sell like hot cakes gradually.
Beige texture is one of the most widely used texture in the early stage of marble tile promotion.Spanish beige, shaana beige, gold silk beige, red line beige and other classic beige texture, soft and elegant, let the space present the most comfortable and warm state.
Grey brick has become popular in the last two years, and the elegant grey stone pattern is also very popular.Cloud dola ash, Italian ash, Turkey ash, etc., bring the adornment effect that contracted bear or endure look.
Brown brown brown forest, deep brown net, light brown net, cappuccino brown system marble grain, texture is more clear, the decorative effect is grand.
Black texture, high cold deep, favorite commercial space.
With the improvement of production technology and the improvement of the performance of materials such as ink and glaze, the surface color of ceramic tile has more possibilities, and the stone texture with more gorgeous colors such as red, blue and green can also be expressed on the brick surface.
However, marble texture so many, the most enduring or white.Simple aura texture, bring to the beautiful space effect, the purest, but also the most amazing.
Classic be able to bear or endure to see white fastens grain, in international and domestic market get favour greatly, no matter be in be being praised as "ceramic tile tide wind vane" bologna shows or domestic pottery fair fair, Canton, white fastens marble to be seen everywhere almost.
The white that is rich in style and proper glossiness, build an elegant and comfortable space effect, contracted there is no lack of fashionable feeling.
In recent years, contracted wind is popular in home, white fastens ceramic tile to cater to the decoration idea of new born consumer group, have powerful vitality undoubtedly, the performance of white brick is certain to catch an eye more in the next few years!

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