White Marble Tray

White Marble Tray

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White Marble Tray

The tray is used for many purposes, do you still use it to hold tea?
It is a work of art, but also a practical thing in life...
Tray is a very common article in household life really, go up on tea table, porch, dresser, toilet...There seems to be no place without it!

Marble striped tray
Use keywords:
Organize jewelry
Classic black gray, black and white, green marble tray, put in the home very have the feeling of INS.
It can not only be used as delicate jewelry tray, but also can be used to support daily coffee, dessert and other food.
Food tray
When you're worried about not having a big enough plate to carry your dessert, this marble tray could be your fancy cutlery.
Organize in the bathroom
Appropriate dispatch mirror tray vase these items, can arbitrary composition of their ideal bathroom mesa, appropriate addition of incense, candles, sculptures and other ornaments, a small space of warm style came out!

Kitchen tray
Use keywords:
# for dessert #
Sometimes want to live in a life with numerous need not, might as well come a point fresh thing.Marbled tray, nice and clear texture, really nice for a cake.
With base design, marble texture is different, visual beauty, let life add a different little interest.
# for breakfast #
Marble pineapple tray, hard texture, cute pineapple shape, top hanging rope design.Marble grain is clear, exquisite and beautiful, dizzy catch differ, adorn phnom penh.
Used for wine bottles
The marble sashimi plate imported from India is smooth and flat, which is different from the traditional Japanese sushi plate.
Used to store water containers
Polished marble, with a different natural texture, a different kind of artistic beauty.Great as a breakfast tray or coffee tray.

Porch sitting room receives
Use keywords:
Spending tea table to receive
Spending porch to receive
Tea table storage
Tray is the good companion of tea table, how can a tie-in and complete sitting room be little its occurrence.Marble grain smudges the tray of grain, tie-in such sitting room is just right.
Light and luxurious aureate circle is classic tray has a variety of open means, can use porch to receive, also can use the water that installs a whole set to provide, one content is multi-purpose.

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