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About The Proper Use Of Artificial Stone

May 28, 2016

1, do not directly placed on mesa high temperature object. When placed in high temperature object, should add with rubber feet under place article stents, insulation pads and other insulation materials;

2, do not wash in cold water immediately after ambry mesa blanching, so as to avoid artificial marble mesa due to short time quenching heat surface crack;

3, do not drag the heavier items on the table directly, so as to keep the table clean and beautiful;

4, do not put the table as a cutting board directly cut, chop all sorts of things; (hint: under the cutting board with a rubber mat or towel)

5, don't let the heavy or sharp shock artificial stone surface, leave a mark in case;

6, should avoid to contact with some organic solvents, such as to paint agent, to light the water containing acetone, rosin water, etc., are likely to hurt the luster of the mesa ?

7, normal use will be fine. But if the direct contact with high temperature object, it is easy to burst. Remember that!